Monday, January 23, 2017

Happy New Year from Cecelia Rappaport-Here’s to expanding in 2017!

It seems that I get excited about almost everything and find myself wanting to try something new every day! At times, it drives my husband crazy.

I tell him he is one of my rare consistencies and that seems to quiet him for awhile.

The fact is one minute I am mesmerized watching “Walking with Destiny”.
It's the story of Winston Churchill. You can find it on Netflix.

The next day I am totally consumed with planting vegetables in my hydroponic TowerGarden. Winston who? Living like this keeps me entertained, busy and moving. And, as I share this with you, I am happy to blog never having blogged before.

Isn’t this what it’s all about….expanding —moving out of our comfort zones??

Whether it is learning a new language, making a new friend, trying something new (like a new way to make guacamole vs. buying it),  moving to see our world newly each day is a start.

Here’s to expanding in 2017!  Happy New Year!!


Mixed Media Still Life Art Painting "Yellow Flowers" by California Artist Cecelia Catherine Rappaport

 36"x24"x1.5" Mixed Media on Paper

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Large Mixed Media Figurative Painting "In Search Of" by Cecelia Catherine Rappaport

60"x54" Mixed Media on Wood/Sold

Commissions are welcome.

This is a very special piece I painted while living in our house overlooking 
the Red Rocks in Sedona,Az.
The creative process began when I chose two dominant paint colors from the surrounding 
landscape and splashed them onto a watercolor pad.
As the paint was drying, I began to see many different forms taking shape. 

Below is a photo of the art piece in the very beginning....

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