Sunday, February 12, 2017

There is an art to doing just about California Artist Cecelia Catherine Rappaport

There is an art to doing just about anything….even Moving! 

 Maybe my experiences as a flight attendant, back in the day, traveling different destinations each week, every month for years created this inner desire of mine to keep moving. Nothing else can explain how happy I could be boarding my flight Day One in Honolulu as the sun was waking up and deplaning Day Two in The City of Light, Paris!!

 My friends and family would definitely tell you that I was a traveling wanderlust. So, when I stopped flying and became a stay-at-home wife and mom, the question became how I would learn to live outside of a suitcase. How would I create a space for my stuff and remain in one place..the same place? Over time, my husband realized (as did the kids) that this was not to be an easy feat for me to accomplish. In a period of 30 years, I moved my husband and kids 16 times to different homes (I sooo count living in four different houses in the same town as one move..and, yet, this is still up for debate). I loved every minute of my moving and even satisfied a little that inner wanderlust, for sure.

Today, we are now bi-coastal, living in Manhattan Beach and Boston, our two favorite places. Whenever I am in town, I paint daily with unlimited views of the ocean and sunsets, smell the fresh salt air and listen to the continual crashing sound of the Pacific surf. My desire to keep moving has subsided a bit for now as has my husband’s nervousness when he sees a realtor or contractor stop by for a little visit!!! I am truly blessed to wake up every morning to the energy and the inspiration to create. There really is an Art to Moving and this time, I am satisfied moving many vibrant colors in all my paintings!

Sharing a few images from my studio below!!

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