Monday, May 1, 2017

There are all different phases and levels of the creative process.....with Cecelia Rappaport

There are all different phases and levels of the creative process..

I genuinely googled that and found a wealth of information :

In this writing, I am talking about my creative process when building a house or renovating one of our pre-existing homes. Creating newness in a space is where it's at for me.

 Brian Peter George St. Baptiste de la Salle Eno said "It's not the destination that matters. It's the change of scene". 

 No sooner than updating a space, I find I am ready to update it again, of course, each time entirely and completely differently. This act of creating can, singlehandedly, unravel my husband. I have seen him go numb, stare blankly into space for long hours, stutter his words, take more walks than usual, throw himself into Sudoku, Solataire or a new t.v. Series, sports game or political debate -- anything to escape my chatter about change as I move from one room to the next.

By the way, he also creates---just differently and differences are good in a marriage. Remember Yin/Yang!! He uses his creative energy to make money. It turns out that I probably use my creative energy to spend money. 

Regardless, I decided to surprise my kind, caring, devoted, logical, mathematician-like, loving husband one day. I took him for a little 4-hour jaunt up the coast of CA to visit San Simeon to see the Hearst Castle. Do you think that he possibly realized what I was up to?

It must be duly noted that the changes I have made in all the homes we have lived in or the change orders submitted during the building phases are "nothing" in comparison to what William Hearst did when building his Castle.
He moved walls on the first floor ten feet on each end of the room to accommodate new tapestries and rebuilt his world famous pool three times.

Creating our living environment to be just right has made us happier (especially me) and has just possibly encouraged a longer life on our planet.  It certainly did for William Hearst who spent over 25 years working on his beloved castle.

"It's the "creative process", honey"! Did you hear the tour guide?"
William Hearst was not complete with the Castle at age 83!!!  He had more to do.  
Just proof that the creative process can keep us active into our later years. This creative process is what it is all about.

So, I am continuing to create every day....and the best is yet to come!

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