Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Another memorable happy gathering of family and friends, with Cecelia Rappaport

Everyone shows up year after year to enjoy yet another memorable happy gathering of family and friends!  

Entertaining is just another way of being mindful while I create some fun for the family!!  All the preparations that go into creating July 4th fun must be completed in advance, especially since it is "moi" who seems to stress over all the little nuances and details of what it takes to plan such a gathering so everyone is happy!  
First we hang up our American Flag!!!!  

Then, the two-man job of setting up the canopy on the beach begins.  Following is the routine of smearing on the suntan lotion, donning the sun hats, carrying the beach towels, sand toys, iced down soft drinks and beer, the volleyball, cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers between boogie boarding and building sand castles. And, last but not least, lighting the colorful sparklers!!! 

All of this along side so many others honoring and celebrating our country’s Independence makes for a pretty full day!! 
Let the fireworks and choreographed pyrotechnic events begin!!!

Two monks were watching a flag fluttering in the wind.
One said, “it’s the wind that moves”. 
The other said, “I disagree, it’s the flag that moves”.
But a Zen patriarch standing nearby, said, “it’s not the wind, nor the flag…
It’s the mind that moves”.

I am continually mindful that I live in a nation where we continue to celebrate our freedom each and every day. 
Here’s to freedom!!!!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Large Mixed Media Figurative Painting "In Search Of" by Cecelia Catherine Rappaport

60"x54" Mixed Media on Wood/Sold

Commissions are welcome.

This is a very special piece I painted while living in our house overlooking 
the Red Rocks in Sedona,Az.
The creative process began when I chose two dominant paint colors from the surrounding 
landscape and splashed them onto a watercolor pad.
As the paint was drying, I began to see many different forms taking shape. 

Below is a photo of the art piece in the very beginning....

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